Monday, May 19, 2008

It is nearly time for mid-year exams.
With exams threatening to steal our thunder, it is often easy to forget about others and dwell on how much WE need to do and how stressed WE are. But that isn't the way Christ intended for it to be. He has always put emphasis on putting others first, and with that thought I'd like to present 10 ways to show someone you care (even when you're feeling like you really are more of a priority than your neighbour)...

How can you show love more often
Through compassionate deeds
By forgiving others
Through caring confrontation
By being loyal
With humor
In celebrations
By being creative
By honoring others
By really listening and trying not to dominate conversations
By teaching others to care

Take this challenge: Do one of these for the next ten days and really take interest in others.
God bless!