Friday, October 26, 2007

Poet's Corner 2

So true

It’s funny, sad, yet all so true

How we hold on to things that only break us in two

It heartbreak, disappointing and painful

To realize that in the end, you’re the look

What did they do to get the love

To get peace through that white dove

I’m sick of being alone and rejected

I need someone to feel connected to

It’s funny, sad yet all so true

It’s funny, sad yet all so true

How the person that loves you more than life is you

Our tears manifest into rivers so deep

Our lives into heels so steep

It’s most probably part of life’s journeys

To feel as though your heart has a permanent injury

I’m sick of not belonging

I’m sick of wondering

What love is like when you’re on the other side receiving

It’s funny, sad yet also true

It’s funny, sad yet all so true

How they say that love will come to you

You wait for years for that moment

And live with a heart full of disappointments

I’ve never really known what its like

To have someone with you by your side

To say goodnight and hold you tight

Wile you fight the amazement overnight

It’s funny, sad yet all so true

Done by: Yonda Basela

(Grade 12 learner, 2007)

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