Friday, October 5, 2007

Snippets from the June 2007 Issue

The mothers that father us...

We all know without a doubt that mothers have a role they have to play. What happens when push comes to shove and the mother then has to play the fathers role? She then has to play two roles at ones and be good in both.

What is the role of a father? The first words that come to my mind when I hear word father are authority, and guidance. So his role, Is it for protection, security, to be good role model, to love their families? All these and so much more could be possibilities neh? What happens when they up and leave, take a tangent? What then?I’m fully aware of the fact that mothers could also do these things, but then there are other things that mothers need to take care of like, giving warmth to their kids, a different kind of love, a soft one! You know?

I’ve stated some of the roles that mothers play and some that fathers play. We see that when we are raised by single mothers the roles that fathers should play the mothers play it with all their hearts. These are the people that father us straight into life. There are things that fathers try to do in a wedding, but we all know that when the going gets tough, some fathers get going.
I’m a child that is being raised by a single mother and I must say that I don’t have that empty space that says “my parents aren’t married” because my mother has always done her utmost best. My father and I were the best of friends, we got like nothing else on this earth...”daddies little girl” kind of thing. So when my dad left it was the worst thing that ever, I cried none stop. I always knew that my mother was a strong woman, but I didn’t really know how strong, today I know. She did the best she could to make sure that we were happy and that we received all we needed. I found myself asking what exactly fathers were for, because the mom I had seemed to have did it better than the man who was supposed to be doing it himself.
I’m who I am today because of what my mother has done and sacrificed for me. If it wasn’t for her love and dedication I don’t know where I’d be.

So I salute all the mothers that have gone through what my mother has gone through and still managed to come out at the top. Thank you so much for being an example to your children and the children of many people out there.
Yonda Basela