Sunday, June 1, 2008

Study Experiences

I love the Sabbath. I really appreciated the Sabbath when I was at University. It was the one day of the week I could take a break from studies without feeling guilty.

I studied early hours of the morning - between 2-4pm, this was when it was the most quiet. I ensure that I went to bed early and after studying I would sleep again. I am not sure it was the healthiest thing to do but for my circumstances it worked.

Reading the article below reminded of the different circumstances we as youth face. No matter what we can be assured that we can put our in God.

Lift up your head

Article from Youth Talk posted on the 13 May 2008

Lord who lifts the needy out of the ash heap - Ps 113:7

We used to live in a single bed-room house during my entire schooling years. It always happened that our house was flooded with relatives or guests all the time or whenever there was a crucial exam around. I used to go to friends place sometimes to study but it was tough to do so always.

So, most of the times kitchen offered me solace. Since my mom used to be in the kitchen cooking for guests always, I had to find a place that doesn’t disturb my mom. I found one place indeed. There was a two square feet gap between the rice rack and fridge. I sat there and studied for all my exams. Kitchen used to be hot and the heat of the fridge would be like fuel to the fire.

Nevertheless, at that time, Education was the only weapon I had next to God. I will cry and hang on to him and say, “Lord, make me pass thro this period”. He did too. Today, am a engineering professional with a good take home pay.

Do we need any more explanation for God’s concern for needy people? He literally took me out of the ash heap and has placed me in a high mountain. Praise be to him. Are you needy? Are you in ash heap? Cast your hope in the Lord! He is our provider!

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